WWF Attorneys Secure $8.7 Million Jury Verdict for Client

WWF attorneys Jeff Witschey and Betsy Hartschuh battled through a six-week jury trial to secure a judgment for WWF client Phoenix Lighting Group, LLC against a Philips Electronics subsidiary. The Judgment for various business torts included $1.7 million of compensatory damages and $7.0 million of punitive damages.  The verdict is reportedly the largest jury verdict in Summit County history. Separately, the Court awarded an additional $600,000 in punitive damages for trade secret violations and $325,000 of prejudgment interest. Also, after a day-long hearing on attorney fees, the Court awarded WWF $4.0 million in attorney fees and reimbursement of litigation expenses enhancing WWF’s $2 million of billed attorney fees by a multiple of two because of the complexity of the case and the success WWF achieved.    Post judgement interest continues to accrue while the case is pending on Philips Electronics’ appeal. For more read the Akron Beacon Journal article on Ohio.com.