Corporate & Business Services

Dedication to business owners

With expertise in business and corporate law, we at Witschey Witschey & Firestine assist our clients in establishing the best business strategy, development plan, and corporate governance for their unique needs. Working alongside our clients, we help them maneuver through the various challenges and opportunities associated with forming, maintaining and growing an organization. We believe the key to both a successful relationship and outcome, is taking the time to listen to our customers in order to thoroughly understand their businesses, visions, and goals.

Our dedication to business owners is evident by our assistance in protecting them from liabilities, as well as our guaranteed compliance with a plethora of legal requirements. Additionally, we can facilitate negotiations in our clients  business transactions, resulting in the most efficient and effective agreement possible.

We can also aide in the formation of business enterprises by examining the tax, liability, control, and other factors that best determine the appropriate form of enterprise for a business. We are qualified in working with such diverse forms of business associations as sole proprietorship, general limited partnership, corporations, joint ventures, real estate investment trusts, limited liability companies, and non-profit organizations.

Whether working through business strategy, protecting a client from liabilities, negotiating or helping establish the best form of enterprise for a new or existing business, our goal is to provide practical, appropriate, and objective instruction to our clients based on their various and unique business needs.

Closely Held & Emerging Businesses

The Attorneys of Witschey Witschey & Firestine advise and assist closely held and emerging businesses in need of capital for growth and development. Our firm aids clients in recognizing and addressing issues as well as opportunities from tax, succession and / or business planning, capital generation, and growth perspectives. We assist held businesses at all stages of their operation: entity formation, structural analysis, agreement between equity holders, lenders, vendors, distributors, customers, and management and control of the company and business.